I. History

RITVERC GmbH was founded in 1993 by a group of shareholders working in the field of manufacture and application of radioactive isotopes or in the related fields.

In 1995 the first products manufactured jointly by RITVERC GmbH and Isotope Department of V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute appeared on the market of radionuclide products.

In 2004 the joint enterprise was certified to comply with International Standard ISO 9001:2000 in the field of development, manufacture and delivery of isotope products.

In 2004 the second Ritverc production site established in Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University, Kurchatov st. 10.

In 2005 radionuclide products manufactured jointly by RITVERC GmbH and Radium Institute were delivered to 25 countries.

In 2009 split-off Ritverc GmbH and V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute joint manufacturing.

II. Activity profile

The main concepts of our work are:
- scientific - research works and experimental development in the field of applied radiochemistry aimed at generation of new radioisotope products (radionuclides, emitters, sealed sources) to extend the fields of application and to increase the efficiency of using radioactivity in human activities;
- production of radionuclides from cyclotron and reactor targets, as well as from irradiated fuel of nuclear plants;
- manufacture of sealed radionuclide sources for different applications;
- development and manufacture of measurement instrumentation for Mössbauer spectroscopy.

III. Main products

Sealed radionuclide sources:

- X-ray and soft gamma-radiation sources based on:
Co-57, Cd-109, Ba-133
Application: use in devices for X-ray - fluorescence compositional analysis of different substances, devices for controlling the content of separate elements in samples etc.

- Gamma-radiation sources based on:
Na-22, Co-57, Co-60, Ba-133, Cs-137
Application: use in devices for technical control of the thickness and density of the material, for measuring the level of liquid and granular materials in capacities, in defectoscopes, in analyzers of pulp aggregative state, geological survey etc.

- Beta-radiation sources based on:
Ni-63, Kr-85

- Reference beta-radiation sources (ORIBI), gamma-radiation sources (OSGI), conversion electron sources (OSIKE), reference gamma- and neutron radiation sources.
Application: calibration and verification of spectrometric and radiometric equipment.

- Mössbauer sources based on:
Co-57, Sn-119m, Te-125m
Application: in Mössbauer spectrometers to perform a great variety of scientific research studies using nuclear gamma-resonance spectroscopy on Iron-57, Tin-119 and Tellurium-125.

Radionuclides and labeled compounds:

- high purity radionuclides based on:
Co-57, Ni-63, Zn-65, Sr-85, Sn-119m, I-124, I-129, Ba-133

Measurement instrumentation for Mössbauer spectroscopy:

- Resonance scintillation detecting blocks based on Iron-57 and Tin-119.
- Resonance scintillation movable detecting blocks based on Iron-57 and Tin-119.
- Stabilized gamma-spectrometers for Mössbauer spectroscopy.
- Reference absorbers for Mössbauer spectroscopy based on Iron-57 and Tin-119.

IV.Sales, logistics

We have our own well-qualified specialists in the field of customs clearance and logistics who have a great experience in work with customs bodies, russian and foreign transport and logistics companies. It allows to minimize expenses connected with export deliveries of the goods and provide foreign customers with favorable delivery terms. Thanks to our own solutions our company is one of the few who have organized deliveries of radioactive materials to foreign customers on “to door” terms. It helps our customers to avoid difficult formalities of customs clearance and transportation of radioactive materials in the country of destination.

The developed optimization schemes for all procedures of customs clearance and transportation of products allowed our company to arrange deliveries of short-life isotopes to the main part of the countries in the world. By present our company has arranged regular deliveries of Iodine-124 radionuclide not only to the European countries “neighbour” to us but also to the far distant countries with traditionally complicated delivery procedure (USA, Australia, Taiwan).

V. Cooperation

A wide network of foreign partners, with whom our company has established long-term mutually beneficial and friendly relationships, allows to cover available markets more fully and respond in a sensitive way to our customers’ requests throughout the world.

Due to long-term cooperation with our foreign trade agents aware of the issues of the Russian foreign-economic, customs and currency legislation it has become much easier to conduct negotiations on deliveries of our products.
Our foreign trade agents act as guarantees in keeping to the terms of payment for the exported goods, render assistance in solving the matters connected with particular terms by clearing traditionally complicated in the Russian Federation (letter of credit, collection, postponement of payment for a long period).
In addition, since our trade agents are experts in the Russian legislation in the field of export control, it allows us to solve more efficiently the problems that may arise in case of exporting double-purpose goods and other goods under control.

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