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Position Name Extension number
Director General Andrew Rogozev 121
Deputy director, R&D Ph. D. Boris Rogozev 124
Deputy Director, Quality Management system, Radioactive Accounting Irina Stavrova 122
Deputy Director, Radiation Safety Kirill Romachevsky 131
Sales Manager, Marketing, Logistic Alexander Bespokoev 101
Sales Specialist Dmitry Milekhin 102
Customs Specialist Maxim Vaganov 103
Engineer, Transportation Pavel Litvinov 135
IT-specialist Anton Negoda 151
Chief accountant Olga Lebedeva 111
Accountant Katerina Gavrilova 111
Human Resources Manager Alisa Rodionova 112
Office Manager Galina Sokolova 112
Supply Manager Tatiana Kashirina 124
Production Manager Ph.D. Mikhail Silin 132
Lead Engineer, Metrology Yuri Tychinkin 133
Head of Testing laboratory Andrey Koptev 123
Head of Mechanical production Andrey Kozlov 139
Design engineer, technical support of the site Yuri Lobanov 141
Welding Engineer Vasili Lobanov 142
Welding Engineer Alexander Punin 134
Planner Michail Mironov 136
Planner Nadezhda Fedulova 132
Planner Mikhail Shatilov 133




Ritverc will take part in the meeting of the ICRM-LSC work group. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss issues of liquid scintillation spectrometry...

We would be pleased to meet you during 4th Mediterranean Conference on the Applications of the Mössbauer Effect...

Ritverc will take part in the international workshop on plastic scintillation in practice...

We are 25 years old! Historical event has occurred on May, 5th, 1993 when the chairman of committee on external relations of the mayoralty of St. Petersburg, V. V. Putin has signed the Certificate...

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